Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Deb's Dalliance and My Return to the joy of Art & Painting.

I have enjoyed art from an early age. I spent all of my free hours in high school in the art room with an eagerness to learn more. Upon graduation I pursued some studies at the Birmingham Art Museum with a focus on improving my drawing and learning more about art in general. I studied oil painting with an amazing artist at Lindart Studios in the 80's and I owned a small consignment arts & crafts store called the Lily Pad where I crafted and painted items for sale and did commissioned special orders. I am primarily self taught in many respects and am constantly seeking new ways to learn and improve my art. Work took me away from my joy for 30 years and now in retirement I have found it again!

My art journey has been so fulfilling and a few years ago when I started painting again
a fellow artist told me I should have a Facebook Page just for my art. I decided to organize all of my art together in one place to share and enjoy in a social atmosphere and voila! … My new FB Page “Debs Dalliance” evolved! I hope you will “Like” it and Follow me on my journey of joy and love of art!

It is always a Joy to share my creative space with friends who enjoy painting and creating too! I am always thrilled with the many pieces of art that have evolved in the studio! They say that there is a little artist in all of us and I truly believe that! You can view and enjoy the works of the many talented artists that I have enjoyed painting with in the albums on the Deb's Dalliance page called "Sip, Dip and Dabble"!
Happiness is Wet Paint! 🎨

Thanks for the Follow!

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